Best Opportunities after Travel and Tourism Management Course

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There is no doubt that there are numerous job opportunities after the completion of travel and tourism management course, as tourism management graduates in India are doing really well and growing at a face pace. Initiatives taken by several government and private bodies have also added to the increased demand for trained professionals in this field.

It is predicted that the tourism industry is all set to create around 46 million job opportunities by the year 2025. It is also assessed that according to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), India will be adding around INR 8,50,000 crore to its GDP by the year 2020. And the best part is that all this is going to be through travel and tourism industry alone! This is certainly a good news for those in search of hospitality and tourism management jobs and also those planning to pursue travel and tourism management course.

Now let us understand in details the best opportunities available after travel and tourism management course in the form of following roles:

  • Tour Guide

As a tour guide you will be guiding the visitors about the significance and history of the place they choose to visit. You will also be leading a group of people and represent a certain city for which you are qualified and can interpret the culture and heritage of that city. By becoming a tour guide, you will be able to enrich tourists’ minds about a certain place or attraction. The main traits people look for in a tour guide are charming and appealing personality,excellent communication skills, and ability to entertain people.

  • Travel Consultant

A travel consultant is specialized in coordination and booking of travel arrangements for individuals as well as groups and businesses. Most of the travel professionals work with travel agencies, though some of them are self-employed as well.In today’s tech savvy world,internet has made it easy and convenient for people to make their travel arrangements. Still, mostly people contact travel consultants to book their trips and make sure that they are getting the best bet for their buck.

  • Sales and Marketing Consultant

Sales and marketing is considered to be one of the most common jobs after the completion of travel and tourism management course. Your main job accountability in sales and marketing would include selling and marketing tour packages. You will also be responsible for designing and developing marketing material like brochures, ads, flyers, website, etc.

  • Cruise Manager

A round the clock functional job which is like a dream job for most of the tourism students. Besides numerous perks attached to this profile, students also prefer taking this role because of the adventure they get to witness as a cruise manager.

In this role, you will get to experience an exciting aspect of tourism management and will also be responsible for organizing everyday operational activities,planning events, administrative work, clerical work, and taking care of clients on the cruise.

Cruise Manager is a role with a host of responsibilities. Hence, it is obvious that the salary package you will get will also be amazing.

  • Visitor Information Manager

Tourists usually have endless questions about the places they are going to visit. For example – they enquire about connectivity, the top eateries in the area, currency exchange facilities, availability of ATMs, and other such useful information that cannot be collected from anywhere else. So,as an information manager, your job would involve supplying information to the queries asked by tourists. And for this, you will have to stay prepared and predict their needs well in advance so that you can ensure high quality service delivery. You will always have to stay updated and ready to cater to the needs of visitors.

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