Career after completing diploma in tourism and travel management

Career Scope after 12th in Travel and Tourism

Travel and tourism is the fastest growing sector that is highly exciting as well as adventurous for those who wish to make a career in this industry. The applicants must possess excellent skills and knowledge related to this sector to be successful, and for this they need to take admission in the right course of study. As the sector is growing very fast, the demand of tourism professionals is also rising. To meet the growing demands of industry, top management institutes are coming up with career-oriented programs at various levels. Short-term certificate courses and diploma programs are also available at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Diploma program in travel and tourism

Diploma in tourism and travel management is the industry-oriented program that provides industry related training on software uses and operations. Candidates pursuing the program get knowledge about the current trends of the industry and this helps them to grab the job of their dreams. The program involves theory, practical sessions, working on GDS and getting to know about the geography of several locations and how to make bookings. The best colleges offering such programs not only focus on developing the academic skills but also lay special emphasis on personality development and communication skills that help candidates to work in sales and marketing department.

Career options

Aspirants have endless opportunities in this fastest growing travel sector. After completion of the diploma program, the professionals will be able to seek opportunities as travel coordinators, consultants, agents or they can also work as managers in the tourism sector. All this depends on your qualification, experience level and skills. The biggest advantage of this industry is that you will develop industry-specific contacts to make a successful career ahead. With time, as you get more experience and become more proficient in handling things, you will grab the better positions. There are many options available to be a part of this industry in public or private sectors. Some of these options include:

  1. Tourism department: There are jobs available as for the applicants as reservation staff, in sales and marketing, as tour planners or tour guides. The requirement of information assistants is also there and apart from this, the option of working as a tourist guide is available to the aspirants.
  2. Airlines: After completion of the diploma in tourism and travel management, one can get good job opportunities in airlines also as a ground or the flight staff. The candidates may work as stewards or air-hostess and they also have the option of traffic assistance or may work as reservation staff.
  3. Hotels: The industry serves amazing career opportunities for the diploma holders. One may choose from housekeeping, operations, accounting, sales, public relations etc. as one of the many departments to work with.
  4. Travel agents: Travel agents evaluate the requirements of the tourists and help them making the best possible arrangements. Many resorts and travel companies offer the jobs of travel agents to promote the tour packages to the travelers.
  5. Transport: Apart from the airlines, there is a demand of travel professionals in rail department also. They can work as coach operators or can work with the car companies to go from one place to another.

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