Career options after completing advance diploma in travel and tourism management

travel and tourism course

Tourism and Travel Management is a broad field of study that includes maintenance, superintendence and surveillance of all activities that are related to the tourism and hospitality industries. The field has grown in size over the years and it has turned into a multi-billion-dollar business for the country.

You can choose from a variety of professions after completing a professional course like Advance Diploma in Travel & Tourism Management from an institute. It is a high paying industry and professionals with right skills set can get a starting package of 6 to 8 lakhs per annum. Part-time working or on contract basis work options are also available. The working hours vary from job to job and may require up-to 20-hours on some days. It is a demanding industry but in returns it is generously giving and provides a quite enjoyable work experience.

Some of the popular job options for travel and tourism professionals are:

  • Travel Agent:
    As a Travel Agent, you will have to assist travelers with different aspects of planning a trip like plane tickets, rail tickets, hotel bookings, car rentals, etc.Your responsibilities will include creating budget friendly travel packages, meeting customer demands, manage booking and schedules, sell travel products, etc.
  • Accommodation Manager:
    As an Accommodation or Lodging Manager, you will be in charge of overseeing the operations of a hotel, motel,resort, and other such lodging spaces. Your responsibilities shall include, providing help and advice to guests, solving their problems, taking care of refunds and compensations, taking feedback, keeping up to date with various changes made in the services provided by your organization, etc.
  • Tourism Officer:
    As a Tourism Officer, you shall be responsible for the marketing and development of tourism products, services and facilities for a structure, region, state or country. Your responsibilities shall include writing press releases, staff management, budget management, initiation of exhibitions, holiday shows, seasonal events, festivals, etc.
  • Holiday Representative:
    As a Holiday Representative, you shall be responsible for looking after groups of customers on package holidays at resorts and other such holiday accommodations. Your responsibilities will include welcoming guests, arranging their transport to and from the resort, handling issues and queries of each guest, maintaining knowledge about everything around of their interest, looking after the entertainment of guests, guest welfare and safety, etc.
  • Travel Coordinator:
    As a Travel Coordinator, you shall be responsible for the travel arrangement of an organization or corporation. Your duties might include reserving conference rooms, booking jets or tickets for flights, car rentals, etc.
  • Tourist information centre manager:
    As a Tourist Information Centre Manager, you shall be responsible for providing information and advice about what to see and do in a particular city, town, region or country. Your responsibilities shall include publicity of the services, organizing events, research about various attractions and accommodations, providing booking services information to public, producing guides and other related literature, etc.
  • Tour Manager:
    As a Tour Manager, you shall be responsible for organizing and accompanying a group of individuals on tours to various oversees locations. You shall be responsible for all the travel arrangements and assist the group in every way possible during their foreign visit. The responsibilities include, checking for tickets of each individual and their other travel papers, informing them about the culture of the destination, arranging their meals, looking after them in emergency situations, etc.

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