Career options after completing diploma in Travel and Tourism management

post graduate diploma in travel and tourism management

The sector of travel and tourism is a very lucrative and glamorous industry. You not only get the luxury to visit new places and experience new things but you earn a good income along with it as well. The social media and a number of TV channels these days are also promoting the passion for travelling in people that has boosted the tourism sector. It has created countless job opportunities for the tourism people. This is the reason why more and more students are picking travel and tourism management courses these days. Read more to know about the courses in Travel and tourism and the career options you have after these courses.

The course – There are a huge number of educational institutes in India that offer travel and tourism courses and some of the best institute for these courses include University of Mumbai, IMS Kolkata, The School of Excellence, Mumbai, Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi, etc. These colleges offer a range of UG and PG courses for the same. Diploma in travel and tourism management is one of the most popular courses in the field however one can also pick Masters Programs in same as well.

Diploma in travel and tourism management unlike other PG and UG courses are short term courses. There are also some courses which are full two year courses yet are called Diploma courses. These programs groom you and improve your personality. The course boosts the confidence in you and trains you to be a part of the industry. How much success you see in your field depends on how much hard work you put in and how diligent and determined you are to rise in your career. Sky is the limit for people who are skilled and who are persevering enough. There are myriad of career options to pick after you have completed your diploma in travel and tourism management. Visit here and learn the most lucrative career option in Travel and tourism industry.

The career options¬†–¬†There always had been people who loved seeing new parts of world and visiting new cultures, experiencing new food but social media has turn the number of these tourists many folds. The footfall in tourist destinations throughout the world has increases in last few years and we have even witnessed a traffic jam at the highest point of Mount Everest. These travellers from all over the world are increasing the job opportunities in Travel and tourism market.

Here are some of the popular career options you have right after you get your diploma.

1. Travel writer
2. Tourism Manager
3. Travel consultant
4. Transport officer
5. Airline staff
6. Government jobs
7. Travel Agent
8. Blogger and more

There is one more profession that is getting highly popular these days. The travel and tourism professionals these days are well documenting their travelling experience and they sell these documentaries to TV channels. This profession not only fulfills your dream to visit new places but this new trend helps you earn a good amount of money and you can get popular in small screen at the same time. Visit website to know more about the similar professions.

If you want to be a part of this exciting industry, join a Diploma course and get trained in airlines, hotels, trains, cruise, etc., learn from the experienced faculty and enter into the world of travel and tourism fully prepared.

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