How to choose Advance Diploma Courses offered by Travel and Tourism institutes

post graduate diploma in travel and tourism management

Tourism is one of the biggest industries worldwide and has been earning millions every year. The tourism industry lets the one involved in it to grow economically as well as physically, it develops the person’s personality. International tourism arrivals have grown significantly from 25 million in the year 1950 to 940 million in 2010, it is expected that the earning of the tourism industry will rise to 1.6 billion in 2020. Advance Diploma Courses related to the travel industry helps you prepare for the dynamic tourism industry.

Eligibility Criteria: The students appearing for HSC of the current year are eligible for the course. HSC/10=2 passed students can opt this as their career. Duration of the course is 6 months including the internship provided.

The number of the students travelling should rise from around 15 Million to 50 million by 2020, according to the “Tourism Australia”. India being the second largest populated country also in terms of outbound market after china can help develop economy to a great extent as the tourism industry yields enough money be it through domestic or International.

The Advance Diploma courses identify the role and responsibilities of travel management and provide a framework for future development. The course equips you the wide range of subjects integrated with internship that prepares you for industry whether travel, tourism and aviation sector. This program provides the students with advanced skills they needs to boost their career , they develop excellence in leadership, it provides a core combination of hospitality and business curriculum, the curriculum includes all the aspects of hospitality economic, social and commercial philosophies of travel and tourism management.

There are several additional benefits of this career option
CRS training is one of which. CRS a computer reservation system offers real time inventory to the travel agents. The transactions related to air travel, hotels, car rentals can be stored in it and the information can be retrieved.

The campus conducting such courses prepares students to thrive the professional world by several training in the campus.

They master their students in excel training.

The industry leaders visiting the campus give the students multiple global certificates which help them in the further future.

These colleges makes sure you master the ways you should deal your customer with, creating experience through several training process..

To plan the customer itineraries using their polishes master skill is also something they are taught, the students learn about the various destination across the globe.

Travel and tourism has been a big part of the income of the country and you can contribute to the country and the tourist coming to the country by joining one of such courses. You can develop yourself as well and also become economically stable as this sector gives you immense opportunity to grow. You can get to know about these courses at do read more and join one of the best institutes for your course and lead your way ahead, chase your dreams. With tough competition everywhere choosing the best place to start your career becomes difficult, we help you here at The school of excellence to get the best desired course and one of the best advance diploma courses in our eco-space infrastructure with the best faculty from some of the best college’s in India. We at The school of excellence value your time and money and try to get the best from you so that you can compete the dynamic industries.

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