Job opportunities after completing travel and tourism course

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‌Who doesn’t dream of a lucrative job where one can get decent salary, chance to travel around the world and shaping their dreams? Yes, everyone does and for that, one needs to get into a job which offers all of these. You can get these job opportunities after completing travel and tourism course from a reputed institute which offers top quality learning facilities. Nowadays, the program is in high demand and every candidate is fighting to get admission in this course.

 ‌Benefits of travel and tourism course
Tourism and travel industry is a broad field which encompasses a variety of career options for the aspirants. The most promising salaries require advance degree while it is possible to enter the industry with only a high school diploma, so here we are going to discuss about the different career options available to the aspirants.

Travel clerks– travel clerks work in call centres, airports, tourist information centres etc. They talk to the clients in person, and confirm their travel reservations. They provide all the information regarding the place where the tourists want to travel, including the local sightseeing destinations and restaurants.

Tour guides -Tour guides enjoy an attractive job as they take the clients for educational and exciting activities at different tourist attractions. They get a chance to travel from place to place and know more about the place. They accompany the clients to ensure that when they leave the place, they are fully satisfied. They get decent salary and can also earn extra with additional efforts.

Travel agents -Travel agents help the clients with vast amount of information related to their itinerary, travels and sightseeing. They provide tourists all the information regarding a place, how to visit that place, passport, vaccinations, the arrangements and everything else. It is very important for a travel agent to know about the place and how a visitor will deal with the new people and the new place. International travel agents specialise in one particular country or group of countries and provide the travellers with every kind of information.

Tourism marketing managers -Tourism marketing managers work towards the promotion of tourism agency. They ensure that the agency enters the new market, develops pricing strategies, and watch for the new trends. They inculcate interest in the travellers about various tourist attractions.

Joining the best institute
Headed by Ms. Smita Gulvady in association with the Sporting Lions Foundation and piloted by BCD Travel, the School of Excellence provides students with high quality education to ensure that they are capable of responding to global business challenges. Now, it has become important to groom business leaders with leadership skills. The school ensures that its students get industry relevant exposure so that when the leave, they are employable. You can get all the information about this institute on its website including the courses, the career opportunities, testimonials and much more.

To find jobs after travel and tourism degree, it is best to talk with the college’s placement cell. You can always search for a job in job portals to grab a high-flying career.

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