Top Career Oriented Courses in Travel and Tourism

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The field of tourism is continuously growing and professionals with the right skills and knowledge are in high demand in the industry in India and overseas as well. By furthering education with the best tourism courses, one can take a step forward to a successful career in tourism and hospitality industry. Different kinds of tourism courses are available to provide the right skills related to the industry to the students and offering amazing career opportunities to them. One can also go with certificate or diploma programs to enhance their skills. The field of travel and tourism primarily deal with taking care of the tourists, travel management, hospitality management and other aspects of the industry.

Courses in travel and tourism

While travel and tourism sector allows one to learn more skills while at work, but it is always better to have a proper qualification in this field to get a start. Many courses are available that one can consider for admission, ranging from the undergraduate to masters and certification and diploma courses. Even some universities also offer distance learning programs to the aspirants. These courses train the candidates for global tourism opportunities. Some of the popular career oriented courses available to the students include:

  1. Principles of travel and tourism: This course gives basic understanding of travel and tourism sector, business and resource management, impact of tourism on world economy and more to the students. Each course provides knowledge of the core subjects and the basic functioning of this field. Just the level of study upgrades. Some introductory courses prepare the candidates for the positions as hotel managers, event planner, airline manager, travel agents and others.
  2. Hospitality management: This is one of the best travel and tourism courses that provide students knowledge about how to properly manage all the aspects of travel, food services, lodging and event planning. The program also discusses the importance of leadership at workplace and lays special emphasis on developing decision-making skills in the learners.
  3. International tourism: This course teaches students about how the global issues may impact the travel sector. Topics covered during the course involve environmental concerns, politics, economics, sociology and more.
  4. Cruise ship industry: A handful of courses are available that focus on the specifics of the cruise industry. During the course, the students learn to plan itineraries for cruises and other aspects of cruise travels.
  5. Tourism planning: This course involves designing several travel and tourism plans for the potential customers and developing their skills in finance, marketing and more. Sales techniques are also covered as part of the course.

Certificate courses are also available that enable students to get insight into the travel and tourism sector. During these courses, students get to know about the key terminologies, destinations, world geography, personality development, airfare ticketing and much more. Travel and tourism course from a reputed institute also involves summer internship opportunities which help the candidates to know about the industry in real world and to gain hands-on-experience during their studies. They get to know about the challenges associated with the industry and help candidates on how to cope with them. Time management, personality development, career counseling and communication skills of the candidates are also developed that make them highly competent.

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