Top Courses Available for PG in Travel and Tourism

post graduate diploma in travel and tourism management

If you have planned to join the travel and tourism industry, then you have made a great decision. This industry is vast and evolving, thus creating a wide range of job opportunities for the aspirants. To give direction to the aspirants, different kinds of courses have evolved. Though there are many certificate course and degree courses, people who are keen to excel in this field can go for PG in Travel and tourism.

There are different types of postgraduate courses available in the travel and tourism industry. The duration for the postgraduate course is about two years or may be less than that. So, here are the different types of courses available:

1. MBA in Tourism and Hospitality
2. MBAin Travel and Tourism
3. MBA in Tourism and Hotel Management
4. Masters in Tourism Management
5. Master in Travel and Tourism Management
6. M. Airlines, Tourism, and Hospitality Management

So, here were the 6 different types of courses which you can opt for after graduation. While job experience is one of the significant factors to grow in the field of travel and tourism, there is a wide range of opportunities that the candidates can avail in both the private and public sectors after pursuing the above-mentioned courses. Some of the popular job profiles include:

Travel Agent– A travel agent’s job is to evaluate the requirements of the tourists and help them make the best possible travel arrangements. Many hotels and travel groups have travel agents to arrange the best traveling plans for the tourists.
Travel Executive- A travel executive’s duty is to manage different aspects of travel that includes transportation, flight booking, hotel accommodation, destination information, and so on.

Tourism Manager– Tourism manager promotes tourism in his or her region through different kinds of advertising strategies and campaigns. They assist all the tourist of different cultures and traditions.

Travel Officer/ Coordinator– Travel coordinator finds the best prices on hotels, flights, and rental cars. They need to processes employee travel expenses, sets up corporate discounts with the different travel vendors and creates itineraries.

Airlines/ Ground Staff-They play an important role in different areas such as commercial activities, airline operations and a lot more. The different types of ground staff are vast and also include different responsibilities such as inspecting, storing and transporting luggage.

Tourist Guide– They help the tourists in visiting different tourist places and also provide them with different types of information on the cultural, historical and contemporary heritage of religious and historical sites, museums and other places of interest.

Transport Officer– They are typically appointed by a state government or local transport body to carry out activities like maintenance of the vehicle fleet, overseeing vehicle establishment programmes, certifying ground transportation budget and so on.

One can also opt for professions such as travel counselor, travel consultant, tour operator, and travel writer. It is always the best way wise to pursue PG in travel and tourism from recognized colleges. So, find the suitable college for yourself and make your dreams come true. Do some homework beforehand to choose the right college for your career growth.

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