Tourism management courses that provide quick jobs in India

travel and tourism course

Jobs for the tourism management graduates in India are growing year by year. As wide number of governments, as well as private initiatives, has added to the demand for these jobs, more and more graduates are getting hired. It is estimated that the tourism industry is set to create more than 45 million job opportunities by the end of the year 2025. This will help the students with skills grab a job with handsome salary. So, here are some tourism management jobs that are sure to get your career off to a flying start.

1) Travel consultant:  Travel consultant is one of the best jobs one can go with after completion of tourism management course. The main role of a travel consultant is to assess a client’s travel needs and offer them the finest available options. Apart from the degree, one needs a high level of poise and communication skills to ensure that the customers are content with their travel experience. Read more to grab more information.

2) Visitor information manager: Tourists usually have a wide number of questions about the places they are visiting. They want to know if the places have good connectivity or not, the best restaurants in the area, the nightlife of the place, the nearby ATMs, and other vital information which cannot be searched through Google easily. While talking you need to anticipate what the guests need and get ready with the questions they may ask.

3) Event Manager: There is a lot of events happening in the town including weddings, birthdays, and other life events which are prefixed with the destination to make sure that the events are memorable as well as fun. The event managers are responsible for the planning, organizing, and execution of these events. Moreover, as it is a highly exciting and interesting job that needs people management skills and excellent communication skills.

4) Ground attendant: Ground attendants at the airport have an amazing career. They have numerous roles and responsibilities. It is their job to assist the passengers to and from their flight and everything in between. Their job is to solve all the queries of the customers, answer their questions, issue tickets, make reservations, verify traveler IDs and so on. However, the timing could be irregular because the airports are open round the clock.

5) Tour guide: A place is not worth seeing if one has no idea about the history and significance of the place. As you cannot get every bit of information on the web, it is important to have someone around who will tell the stories which will enrich your knowledge. The tour guide should have all the qualities such as good communication skills, charisma as well as knowledge.

There are many colleges that offer tourism management courses in India. You can simply find one of the best colleges that offer a suitable course that will help you enjoy your dream to work in an interesting environment. So, don’t wait and start your search for the right college today.

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