Why to choose travel and tourism course as career option

travel and tourism course

There are some students who, from very early age, know what they are supposed to do after their 12th. They start preparing for medical, engineering, government jobs, etc. much before they actually complete their 12th. But it is not same with all. If you are confused which career you should pick that ensures a job that is exciting, full of fun and that pays well too then join travel and tourism course as it is the course which is meant only for the people like you. Read more to know why you should choose travel and tourism course as a career:

One of the fastest growing industries – The travel and tourism industry along with the other industries that support it, like hotels and transport, are experiencing the best time and more growth is still on charts. It has become one of the fastest growing industries in past few years and is contributing majorly in global economy. The government of every country including the Indian government understands this fact and is supporting the sector by promoting the tourism in their respective countries. Being part of a growing industry helps in the economic growth of the participants as well and hence it is the best time to join the travel and tourism courses. These courses assure a lucrative job profile in the industry.

Wide range of career options – With the growth of the travel and tourism sector in India the demand of the skilled and experienced professionals is also rising in the industry. Many companies hire fresh graduates and diploma holders as well because these are the people who are trained to perform best in the industry, are energetic enough to give their best to the organisation and yet they cost lesser then the experienced professionals. The students, after the completion of their courses, most of the time apply in the private organisations and some even try jobs in government sector but there is a large segment of travel and tourism graduates who prefer to start their own agencies to provide travel and tourism services. Tour operator, Transport officer, Travel agent, Customer services at airport, Cruise and Hotels, Ticketing officer, Guest relationship manager, Bloggers as tourism expert, etc. are some of the job profiles you can apply for. One can even get government jobs in Indian tourism department. Visit here and know more about the job opportunities after travel and tourism course.

Grooms the personality of students РFor many, the course of travel and tourism might be just about introducing the industry and training the students to serve the best as the course provides training in the area of travel operation, customer services, booking management, food and beverage management, legislation and documentation But it is much more than that. Along with it the students get training for communication skills and personality development as well. The course grooms the overall personality of the student which helps it throughout its life. The School of Excellence, Mumbai, is one of the best institutes in India that offer travel and tourism courses. Click here to more about the courses offering quick jobs.

Gives opportunity to visit new places РThis is the best reason why so many students dream of joining travel and tourism courses. The course ensures a job in some of the most exciting places. You can get jobs in Hotels, airlines, cruise and can visit new places while still earning a good salary.

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