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India outbound visitors is growing at a double digit CAGR of 10% by 2022.India Outbound Tourism Market is set to grow close to US$ 45 Billion by the year 2022.Indian travellers are maturing and seeking newer, off beat destinations to spend their holidays. Taking note of the booming Indian Outbound Tourism, many countries have recently opened tourist offices in India. In order to service the growing demand in outbound business, travel agents in India are gearing up to incorporate outbound tourism as part of their total product and service offering. Today’s travellers are better informed ,seeking experiences that stay long after they return.

In addition to training young aspirants for the travel industry,The School of Excellence conducts insightful Destination trainings , Product presentations on behalf of tourism boards. Designed & delivered by experienced industry experts. These comprehensive and diverse training focus on the geography, culture, essential sites and attractions, travel tips, and sample itineraries. Destination trainings including in-depth knowledge about the history, culture and geography of the destination; its tourist attractions, itineraries; accessibility, uniqueness, tips and hints on how to sell .The travel agents demonstrate destination knowledge by passing a test at the end of the training. Agents gain confidence to sell destinations, answer common questions asked by travel customers and provide valuable advice that customers are willing to pay for. Equipping travel agents with a solid foundation of knowledge, we help create memorable vacations, first class experiences.

The School of Excellence aims atachieving successby delivering innovative trainings, promoting the destination more effectively, resulting in increased spending ,revenues and tourist arrivals for the Trade partner. TSOE is committed to offering its partners high quality innovative training solutions that generates value for the industry.

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